Studded pocket and Chain Collar DIY


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I'm giving you a different take on these embellishments. Let's go!



Studs: any size and shape
Shorts with back pocket all ready torn half way off (or not. It depends on you!)


Needle and thread
Shirt with collar


Grab your shorts and your studs and set them out. Figure out how you want your studs to be. In my case i want mine just to outline the ripped pocket.

Grab your stud and place it where you want it. Make sure you push the prongs down all the way through the jean material. 

Take your pliers and push down the prongs protruding out the back. and there you go!
Since i did an outline i just added them according to where the pockets were, but feel free to add them where ever you want them. :) 


Grab your chain and place the middle link on the tip of the collar. My chain is about 2 to 2 1/2 inches, it all depends on your collar. Sew the middle link to the tip starting from the back and using an over under technique. DO NOT GO AROUND THE TIP! Next tie the ends off when the thread is secure enough. Now take the loose ends and pull them until where they end, on the edge of the collar. Then sew the ends using the same technique as before. Once again DO NOT GO AROUND THE EDGE! Do the same for the last remaining hanging chain. Then you're done with that half of the collar, Just repeat the steps on the other part of the collar (Or just do one! That'll be cool..) and you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Next post will be on how i styled my Jeffery Campbell Arizonas. See ya next time Chichi's and Chocho's. :)