Outfits of the week!

Saturday: 1-19-13
Pants: Mudd (Kohls)
Boots: Aeropostale
Black see-through shirt: Thrift store
Black Leather Vest: Forever 21
Wide Brim Hat: CottonOn.com

Now i've gotton so much crap about these gold pants from Curvy and our friend Chris, but I love them! They look really cute and funky. I'll be wearing these a lot, No matter what anyone says. Comment below if you like them!

Skinny Jeggings: Levi's
Blazer: H&M
Black Lace Button down: Forever 21
Jeweled Creepers: Bakers
Michael Kors Purse: Gift

I didn't wear this outfit this week, I actually wore it last Friday but i really liked it so i thought i would put it up. I love the shoes! They add edge to this simple outfit.
Don't mind my crazy poses, Just having fun! 

Leather Pants: Material Girl(Macy's)
Cross Sweatshirt: Forever 21
White Button Down: Kohls
OxfordsL UrbanOutfitter.com
Sparkled Turban Headband: Icing

Favorite outfit of the week by far! Very Comfortable and warm. Yet, it's simple but edgy. Love my Leather Pants. They add that rocker touch that i love.

Look out for next weeks Outfits of the week. 

DIY: Cross Cut-out Tee Shirt

Crosses have become a big trend. I've been seeing these cut-out Tee's around but i don't want to pay for it if i can make it for free. So here's my DIY. 
Tee Shirt
Washable Marker
Rubber Bands

1st: Trace the outline of the cross

2nd: Trace the squares in the inside of the cross with a extra piece cardboard. Make sure the squares are far enough apart to where the fabric in the middle of each square won't tear.

3rd. Place the shirt on the box.

4th: Make sure the cross is placed on the part of the box that is open.

5th: With the rubber bands tighten the shirt around the box.


And you're all done! Thrown it in the washing machine to get rid of the marker marks and it's ready to wear.


DIY Jewelry Stand

So i've really been needing another way to organize my jewelry. I saw this method of making one on YouTube and you all can look at plenty videos on there about it, But i thought since i made it i would just post about the process. So here you go!
Assortment of Plates (Plastic or Glass)
Wine Glasses (Plastic or Glass)
Bowls (Plastic or Glass)
Beads, Gems, Chains, and decorative stuff for the jewelry stand.
Glue Gun
Spray Paint

1st: Spray paint your Plates, Cups, Bowls to your liking and let them dry.
2nd: Decorate the cups by adding beads and jewels to the inside of the cups that you will be stacking your plates on. 
3rd: Put hot glue on the rim of the cup you added stuff in.

4th: Turn the bottom plate upside down and place the plate on top of the cup. Make sure it's centered. (Sorry I don't have a picture)
5th: Turn the plate with the cup upside down, and there is your first layer!
6th: Now place hot glue on the bottom on the glass.
7th: Place another smaller plate on the bottom of the cup.
8th: Add another cup.
9th: Add either a bowl, or a another plate to top it off, if you want. 
And You're done!! (With the structure at least)
You can add more layers if you want but i didn't want mine to be that big so i just stopped there.
Next up Decorating:
Now i won't go into detail with how i decorated it but i will say add something like a chain so you can stick your earrings in it. 
But yep! That's it! Decorate it however you feel you need to and you're all done! It's all about personalization to be honest.
 Enjoy your new Jewelry stand!


Which one do you like best? Let us know by commenting!! 

2013 haul.

I just blew all my Birthday/Christmas money y'all, and it went to these clothes. Spending money is so bittersweet but anyways on to the HAUL!
Anorak: $37 (forever 21)
Cross Sweater: $15 (Forever 21)
Faux Leather Pants: $31 (Material Girl in Macy's)

Peplum Lace Dress: $5 (CottonOn.com)
Studded Pencil Skirt: $10 (CottonOn.com)
Wide Brim Hat: $5 (CottonOn.com)
Gold Womens Casio Watch: $23 (eBay.com)
Silver Knuckle Case: $5 (eBay.com)

Floral Zip Dress: $21 (Material Girl at Macy's)
Tee Shirt: $14 (Forever 21)
Printed Leggings: $16 (Know Style)
Silver Collar Necklace: $5 (Forever 21)

Well that's all for the haul. Eventually I will style these items. I can't say when but look out for these in upcoming post. Anyways have a good day/night chichi's and chocho's. 


Well since it's a New Year...

Happy New Year and Merry Belated Christmas!

Okay, We know we've been slacking this year with our posts, but you can't blame us because we're working hard in school. BUT Curvy and I have come up with the idea to basically just start over!! Yes start, over! We're going to be changing things up a bit. We're going to post almost everyday about our life and what's going on. We are still going to be doing tutorials and such things, but we're going to be more involved. It'll be an on-the-go blog basically. We did a bad job at showing how our fashion/make-up techniques changed in 2012. So, this year will be different. We've deleted everything unimportant and we're just starting fresh. We hope you love the NEW Curvy and Curveless!
                                                                                           -Curvy and Curveless