Curvy's Stydols!

Okay. Let me explain the title! Stydol just means Style Idol. I simply combined the two.

Now that we have settled that, I would like to introduce you to my Stydols! I have 2. Just 2. Totally opposite! One day, I may feel super girly! The next, I may feel very rocker-ish, or like a tomboy. Hmm, Who are they?

Who do you think it is?

*drum roll*

Yep! Rihanna. I mean, everyone knows I'm obsessed with her style! She is so beautiful and remarkable at her career. I look up to her! Most of the things she wears I get inspired to find for myself! I also have red hair so I try to not look like I'm mocking her but I do sample some things she wears. When I am feeling a bit edgy, I tend to channel my inner Rihanna. Can you blame me? She is fierce! Everything she wears I LOVE!


I just love her! She is so brave with her fashion choices. Not to mention, she is always being different! Her hair always changes, her style, her beauty! But one thing remains the same. She will always be my Stydol!

Okay now you know my edgy inspiration. Let me introduce you to my girly insides!

*drum roll*

Taylor Swift! How can you not love her?! She is beautiful, fun, and a great person. I wish I could meet her! One day I plan to.
Anyhoo, I love her style because it is super girly and fashionable. I love her music and when I listen to it, I picture outfits that go with it. It seems like her style is a reflection of her fun, upbeat songs. Maybe that's how I look at it. But there is no doubt she is bomb!

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      See Ya Next Time! 8}


2012 Grammy's fashions: Best and Worst by Curveless.

These are the outfits I adored. They are in order from most liked.
Taylor Swift had my absolute favorite outfit on. Her hair to the back with that gorgeous dress on made her Best Dressed in my book. 
Lykke Li looks very professional. I love the suit, well i love everything. Kate's dress is so gorgeous. So simple and i love the drapery. Rihanna is HOT. Simple but yet a wonderful statement dress. Adele is doing it big. I love the sparkle and the black but i want to see her in some color. Bravo ladies. Keep it up!
Mens outfits i loved!!
David Guetta's suit he had on was sharp. It was casual but yet fancy. I love the added stud details on the collar of the blazer and the shoes. 
Common looks well put together just like David its casual but yet fancy. Adam is just hot and clean, but that girl of his is not and dirty. Bruno looks sharp as always.
Women's outfit i thought could stay home!!! In order from worst outfit to worst outfit.
Now i was really disappointed with these ladies they're out fits are horrible and you should be able to see why.
Robyn has on Timberland creepers on with a white high to low skirt and a white t-shirt... This is the Grammy's, You're not out on the street. Please fix that. 
Nicki is trying to be little red riding hood. Bonnie is trying to be a robot Lady Gaga. (Although i do love her shoes) Skylar grey looks like she has a table cloth on. Anne looks like she didn't want to have anything on. and Taraji looks like a wanna-be mermaid. Sorry ladies i love your movies and you're music but just not your choice in outfit tonight.
Mens outfit i thought could have been better. These aren't in any particular order.
The worst for me is Rick Ross. It's just a no. Let's dress up a little more can we?
Sum 41 just doesn't look good. I can't explain it. Swiss looks like his jacket and tie were made out of a plush toy. and LL looks good i just don't like his Jacket. It makes him look boxy on top.
Outfit i thought were lovely! But not the best. Still great looking though.
I really do love Kelly's dress, It's spectacular but i think she could have done more and her hair should have been pinned up. Other then that great job picking out that dress! 
I love Lilly dress! I just wish it had no sleeves. The sleeves are throwing me off a bit.
Lady Antebellum look great but Hillary's dress isn't my favorite. The color in her mid-section actually makes her mid section look bigger. but i do love her dress. I think Amber Rose's dress is beautiful. but it's so plain. I do love the color on her!
I've noticed a trend when i looked at the fashions, and that it gold accessories. Everyone had either a gold waste band, necklace, and/or clutch. Is this the trend? I really loved the gold waste band Juliana, Paris, and others had. I also liked the necklace. Alicia Keys had. This trend isn't bad at all as long as you put it to use in the right way.

Well that's my Hot and Not of the 2012 Grammy's i thought they had a good show and the winners deserved to win especially Adele. I love her, but overall everyone did a marvelous job! Thumbs up!
Bye for now ChiChi's and ChoCho's!


2012 Grammys Fashion

Stars poured out at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards! From the gowns, to the amazing performances, and don't forget the outstanding awards given, I was in awe while watching! Here are some of the outfits That I keep thinking about! I put my own little opinion on the looks. Some really did make me go:


But I am so inspired by others! Have a look!

2012 Grammy Guys!
 2012 Grammy Gals! Can you spot the trend?*

I love the choice of colors and the beautiful, yet simple, accessory choices! My Favorite would have to be Kate Beckinsale and Taylor Swift of course! So many people surprised me. Overall, it was a phenomenal night!

See Ya Next Time! 8}


*The trend is the gown tails