Studded pocket and Chain Collar DIY


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I'm giving you a different take on these embellishments. Let's go!



Studs: any size and shape
Shorts with back pocket all ready torn half way off (or not. It depends on you!)


Needle and thread
Shirt with collar


Grab your shorts and your studs and set them out. Figure out how you want your studs to be. In my case i want mine just to outline the ripped pocket.

Grab your stud and place it where you want it. Make sure you push the prongs down all the way through the jean material. 

Take your pliers and push down the prongs protruding out the back. and there you go!
Since i did an outline i just added them according to where the pockets were, but feel free to add them where ever you want them. :) 


Grab your chain and place the middle link on the tip of the collar. My chain is about 2 to 2 1/2 inches, it all depends on your collar. Sew the middle link to the tip starting from the back and using an over under technique. DO NOT GO AROUND THE TIP! Next tie the ends off when the thread is secure enough. Now take the loose ends and pull them until where they end, on the edge of the collar. Then sew the ends using the same technique as before. Once again DO NOT GO AROUND THE EDGE! Do the same for the last remaining hanging chain. Then you're done with that half of the collar, Just repeat the steps on the other part of the collar (Or just do one! That'll be cool..) and you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Next post will be on how i styled my Jeffery Campbell Arizonas. See ya next time Chichi's and Chocho's. :)



From Black Jeans to Salmon Shorts

Hey, guys! I have been so busy lately. I'm on summer vacation! So I have been doing a lot of crafts in between and this is just a small DIY I did. I had some black jeans that I no longer wore so I cut them, shredded them(I will be doing a tutorial on this), bleached them, and distressed them! Originally I thought they were going to come out khaki. But....no! I'm okay with that! I LOVE this color. I used this cutting method. Instead of dying them in a large bowl like this, I used the spray bottle method all over. I didn't want it to be all one color. I wanted some areas darker than other areas!
For the distressing on the side, I used the tweezers method. I will include this in the Shredding Tutorial. 

                                                See Ya Next Time! 8}



DIY: Kim Kardashian Inspired Head Chain

This is my take on her beautiful head chain. Enjoy it!

2 Barrette Clips or Hair Combs
Split Rings and/or Jump Rings
*OPTIONAL Necklace Fasteners

1. Measure out how much chain you want and cut it with your pliers. If your pliers don't cut chain then you could possibly use some good scissors
2. Once you cut the first chain measure the second about 1-2 inches less than the first chain and cut it. Then do the same for the last chain. Cut it 1-2 inches less than the second chain.

3.Connect your jump rings to your two longest chains. Connect them at both ends.

4.Then connect the necklaces fasteners to those jump rings. I did this because i want to be able to take these last two chains off and possibly turn them into a necklace.
5. With the last chain i added the large split rings to both ends.

6.attach the large chain to the Barrette clip (or Hair Combs) through the slot in the middle. Then repeat with the second to largest one. Repeat with the other side of the chain.
7. Lastly, Attach the last chain with split ring to the barrette clip (or Hair Combs). Repeat with the other side of the chains

And You're all done. I was going to add some pearls to the chains but i didn't really like it. but feel free to personalize yours the way you want! ;)

Have a nice day ChiChi's and ChoCho's


DIY: Bleached shorts. Part 2 of the Summer Jeans, Jeans, Jeans series.

So i've been wanting these shorts but i didn't want to pay $40-$100 for them (And they're waaay to short for my parents) so i decided to make some myself.

Jean Short pre cut and distressed
Bleach bottle
Large bowls

How to ombre bleach shorts:

1. Using the steps from our shorts out of jeans tutorial here. Cut your jeans, cuff them, and distress them as much as you want.
2. Next label your spray bottle "BLEACH" I labeled mine everywhere just so people won't get confused and cause chaos. Then put on your gloves and pour as much bleach in the bottle as need. I put about a cup in my bottle.
3. Lay your shorts on the ground and start spraying the ends of you shorts
*NOTE when the sun is out and is on your shorts the bleach will bleach it faster.
4. Next, set the shorts outside for about 15 mins to let the bleach really penetrate the shorts.
5. Get the shorts and run water over them and get the excess bleach out the shorts
6. Then throw them in the washer and dryer and you're all done!

How to bleach shorts:
1. grab a bowl and pour about 1 cup of bleach into it. 
2. grab your shorts and dip them in the bleach. add bleach as needed.
3. let the shorts sit and then repeat the rinsing process as from the ombre tutorial then throw them in the washer and dryer and your all done!

Thanks for reading chichi's and chocho's and look out for how to dye jean shorts next up in our Summer Jeans Jeans Jeans series.



DIY: Shorts out of Jeans. Part 1 of the Summer Jeans, Jeans, Jeans series.


So, I've been seeing cut off shorts EVERYWHERE on the internet and I really like them but i refuse to pay top dollar for them so why not make them in the "Summer Jeans, Jeans, Jeans" series?!

High waste jeans (Or low rise. It all depends on you)
Washable Marker
Thread and Needle *Optional

So let's start!

1. First try on your jeans and see where you want them to stop. I want mine to stop about 3 in below the groin area. Then mark where you stopped with your marker. 

2. Take off the pants and make a straight line horizontal from where you marked it.

3. depending on which way your pants fold, fold them one time and cut following that line. (Now you officially have shorts!!)

4. Next put the shorts back on and fold them to where you want them folded.  (If you want to fold them, its up to you)

Take them off still folded. Since i folded mine twice i will unfold it once in order to stitch it. You can stitch it when its folded twice, it's all up to you! Then take your needle and what ever color thread you want and begin to do a up and over stitch at the top of the folded area. (Using a sewing machine will reduce a lot of time) Knot it off and  fold the shorts back to where they were and you're all done!! Throw them in the washer just to get the marker off and you have a new pair of shorts!!


Here's ways to distress your new shorts. A simple way and a more complicated way.

Simple way(shorter)

Take your scissors and cut a straight line through your material.
Take some tongs and pull hard on one side of the slit. When the strands start coming out, that means you're doing the right thing.
repeat on the other side.

Advanced way (Longer)

Take a needle and pick a thread from the fabric. YOU HAVE TO PICK THE SAME COLOR FABRICS IN ORDER FOR IT TO LOOK GOOD.
Keep picking the threads until you're satisfied with how big the patch it.

Well that's it for now! Come back tomorrow to see how to bleach your new jean shorts!


Style Profile of: Alexus

 Meet Alexus! Our 2nd Curvy Gal!
Her style is super cute!

1. Who are your style icons?
I don't really have any style icons but one I would say is Rihanna.
2. What do you look for when you buy clothes?  
When I buy clothes I look for something that I know I could change up multiple times to create something totally new. (And I also try to find something I know not many people have)
3. What are your favorite things to wear? Why?
I love wearing Fedoras! , Because it could "nothing" outfit into "something"
4. Where do you like to shop?  
Hands down I LOVE thrift stores. Especially Good Will and The Salvation Amy, but every now and then I go to H&M to a few things.
5. Describe your style.
My style.... My style is bold and out there. I don't dress like other people do, I love being different. One day I could be 90s then the next I could be 50s and the next who knows what! I never like to keep anything the same to where you could predict what I’m going to wear the next day; I'm just forever changing and evolving my style. But I like to keep my style ranging from 20s - 90s influence.
6. What trends do you love at the moment?
The trends like at the moment are the whole retro / vintage movement. I feel as though I relate to this more than I do other trends.
7. How can TCATC Readers learn more about you? Twitter? Tumblr?
To learn more about me they could follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @TheyLoveAlex and also follow me on Tumblr: http://glassesxgoldchains.tumblr.com/ 


Style Profile of: Taren

Meet Taren! Our 1st Curveless Profile!

Taren dresses for her body. She may not be curvy but she sure is versatile and fashionable!

1.  Who are your style icons? I don't really have any style icons. If someone has an outfit or a style that I admire, it inspires me to find an outfit like that
2. What do you look for when you buy clothes?  When I go out to buy clothes, I look for something simple but cute. I like different things but no so different that I get the O.o look when I step out the house lol. Most importantly something comfortable because I'm always moving
3.  What are your favorite things to wear? Why? My favorite things to wear are a simple t-shirt and jeans with some unique jewelry. It's comfortable and an everyday look that can't be ruined.
4.   Where do you like to shop? My favorite places to shop will have to be Rainbow, Goodwill, and any thrift store. However, if I'm driving around in the car and I see a GORGEOUS outfit in the window, I will immediately stop in there and buy me a little something. :)
5. What trends do you love at the moment? The trends I love the most is the Patriotic Trend. I love seeing all the jackets, shirts, pants, etc. I really want a jacket!!!
6.  Describe your style. think the best description of my style is Kickback - N - Laid Out. Simple things are my goal but every now and then I'll go out with a bang. :D I personally think I have my own sense of style. I just dress up.
7.  How can TCATC Readers learn more about you? Twitter? Tumblr? TCATC followers can follow me on twitter @FairlyOddRenn or follow me on tigersbearsandpuppies.tumblr.com :D

Style Profile of: Toni

So let's get started. Here is Toni's Style Profile.

Meet Toni! Our 1st Curvy Profile!

Toni has amazing style and knows how to work her curves!

1. Who are your style icons?
I really don't have a specific person who's style captures my attention. My style is very original & all me.
2. What do you look for when you buy clothes?
With me, it depends, being by I'm not the girliest girl to know. I'm an unexpected shopper, meaning when I go shopping, It's at unexpected moments, so I never know what I'm going to buy.
3. What are your favorite things to wear? Why?
I love wearing V-Necks, off-the-shoulder shirts, button down shirts, shorts & jeans. They all tie into to my personality, so to speak.
4. Where do you like to shop?
Forever 21, Hollister, H&M. When I go to New York, I shop in the SoHo (Lower Manhattan) & NoHo (Upper Manhattan) area.
5. What trends do you love at the moment?
The daisy duke shorts, wedges, cargo pants, fitted skirts (not too short), sundresses and shoulder bags.
6. Describe your style.
My style makes me unique because I don't have just one specific style. It's very laidback. One day, I'll rock cargo pants & a white v-neck. The next day, it's something totally different like a sundress. I keep it classy with a tomboy sort of edge.
7. How can TCATC Readers learn more about you?Twitter? Tumblr?
Twitter: @_AyoTriggs (mention me so I'll follow back). Instagram: _IllegalWeapon (I post a lot of outfits on there). And my Tumblr: bombayindianganja.tumblr.com.

Style Profile of: Ismael

For the next 3 weeks, Curveless and I will be bringing you Style Profiles of some of our friends that are Curvy and Curveless(no offense). We asked 6 girls, 3 curvy, 3 curveless, to submit photos of their favorite outfits and favorite accessories. We asked them to answer some questions, too. So to kick off this chain of events is Ismael. He is one of our buds and I LOVE his style! Yes, he is not a girl, but I just had to include him. Below you shall see why.

Meet Ismael! He's so adorable! Lol
1. Who are your style icons?
I would have to say my style icons are: Bobby hicks from thisfellow.com; Andreas Wijk, 19-year-old singer from Sweden; Peter Adrian from mydogbear.tumblr.com; and KanyeWest.
2. What do you look for when you buy clothes?
When looking for clothes, I look for pieces that reflect my sense of style and personality. I also look for pieces that allow me to be stylish - without having to sacrifice my comfort. Also, I look for clothing that compliments my body structure. For example: since I’m short, I tend to stay away from clothes that are baggy and lean for fitted clothing that help accentuate my body’s lines that give the illusion of added height.
3. What are your favorite things to wear? Why?
Some of my favorite things to wear are: khakis- as they pretty much look good with any clothing piece I have; blazers – because a really nice, fitted blazer can make anyone look nice and are extremely versatile; and beanies – as I use them to complete my outfits to give it a edgy look, and when I’m having a bad hair day, or just don’tjust feel like doing my hair, I can just throw it on and call it a day.
4. Where do you like to shop?I like to shop at stores like Forever 21, Pacsun, American Apparel, and H&M.  Before heading to those stores though – I actually head to my local thrift store and find what I can, so I don’t have to pay retail price. I’m always surprised at the neat things I can find, most of time for less than ten dollars.
5.  What trends do you love at the moment?Trends that I currently love at the moment are the clean, preppy, draper looks such as wearing vests, formal velvet jackets, or blazers mixed up with denim or cords.
6. Describe you style.
I would say I have a preppy-urban style.
7. How can TCATC Readers learn more about you?Twitter? Tumblr?TCATC Readers can learn more about me by stopping by my Lookbook at lookbook.nu/ismyelle .They can follow me on Twitter: @Ismyelle and Tumblr: brokenvirtues.tumblr.com


How to: Dress a body chain.

Well i recently added a new item to my accessories collection, a sick body chain. I've never seen one like this one so i had to have it. I got it from a little accessory boutique called Body Candy. It's super heavy and since it is a chain it easily gets tangled but other then that it's a great piece of jewelry. So here is what i would wear with my new body chain. You can accommodate any piece of clothing with it. You don't have to have exactly what i'm wearing.

Outfit #1 Little Black Dress, Big bold chain.

With this outfit i kept the clothing very simple and the accessories very bold. Since the chain is already a lot, i thought to go with the black dress. The black dress allows the chain to stand out from the look. You can pair this with a colored jacket, here the jacket is a suede like material and it contrast with the texture of the dress. The jacket will work on cooler summer nights. With the shoes i chose two pair, black MK's with silver detail and some simple black oxfords. I chose two pair because you could dress this outfit up or down. I have some simple studded clip-on earrings, and a cheap rhinestoned bracelet and a simple black statement ring.

Chain: $28 BODY CANDY
Dress: $12 DOTS
Shoes: MK $61 DILLARDS
           Oxfords $14 UO
Bracelet: $8 DOTS

Outfit #2 Who wears short shorts?

With this outfit i matched the body chain with sailor styled high wasted shorts, with silver buttons and zipper. Along with it i paired it with a grey and a white tank. The white tank has tool roses detailed by the collar but you can't see it on camera. Okay, with the shoes i don't really have a large variety of shoes but i paired it with the black oxfords and some silver oxfords. I didn't know which ones to choose so i chose both pair. And the earrings i chose were small grey circular earrings.

Grey Tank: $3.50 LOVE CULTURE
White Tank: $19.95 MACY'S
Shorts: $18.90 LOVE CULTURE
Silver Oxfords: $14 URBANOG.COM
Earrings: $.99 BEAUTY SUPPLY.

Outfit #3 Simple is the way to go!

For the 3rd outfit i put on a pink see through, cut-out tank with some skinnies and a black bandeau underneath. Number one rule with this chain is to keep your outfit SIMPLE. I paired it with the same oxfords and a pair of circular statement clip-on earrings. and WOALAH! That's all.
Tank: $12 DOTS
Jeans: $18 MACY'S
Earrings: $.99 BEAUTY SUPPLY

Outfit #4 Sporting with my chain.

For this final outfit I have on the same jeans from outfit 3 and a graphic tee. On one outfit i paired it with a jean jacket and the other outfit with a leather vest. I chose to wear my only pair of Jordans, a DIY bracelet, a Kid Cudi bracelet, and some silver wrapped hoop earrings. 

Shirt: $20.10 HOT TOPIC
Vest: Unknown Price FOREVER 21
Shoes: $59.99 (Sale) HIBBET SPORTS
Bracelets: Jean DIY
                Kid Cudi $7
Earrings: Free GIFT.

Well that's all I have so far. I will definitely be wearing this chain out and i will find more outfits to wear with it. I wish i had a larger collection of shoes but until i get more, bare with the same beat-down shoes. Don't mind the busy backgrounds, my walls are in preparation for being painted so my backgrounds are kind of ugly, but anyways, I hope you enjoyed and try to put your own spin on my outfits.