About Us

About Jazmyn: The Chic Stick.

Jazmyn is from Texas but she currently lives in Georgia. So far she's a passing honor's student and strives for greatness. She loves Panda's, The Weeknd and her family and friends. She loves make-up and fashion, that's why she's doing this blog, of course. Her favorite garments are her blazers and her favorite accessory has to be her shoes. She's very edgy but at the same time really girly. She says her style changes as the time changes. One day she's in a t-shirt and some tennis shoes, the next day she's in a colorful frilly dress. She enjoy's laughing, any kind of good food, smiling, cute little babies and nice, new electronics. She always looks on the bright side of things and is very clumsy and carefree. She loves to inspire people and make their day just a little bit better. She looks forward to her journey on this blog. Her heart is with you guys. Enjoy!
About Alease: The Stylish Silhouette.

Alease is from Virginia(now living in Texas). She is an outstanding student and a very well-rounded person. Her academics come first and she does not settle at failing. She has a huge passion for frogs and almost all music. Shoes make her world spin! Her favorite garments are her skinny jeans and vests. Her style is a reflection of her inspirations that she encounter everyday! She shops anywhere she sees a cute item for a good price("I love thrifting!" She says). She loves nature, being happy, staying positive. She is happiest when she knows she has touched someone or listening to music and writing. She is a very creative person and loves to relax with any smoothie from Smoothie King. Come hop on the her life train and cruise with Alease on this endeavor via blog she calls Passion. She truly cares for all her viewers and supporters and wishes you all the best and safe blessings. Enjoy!