DIY Jewelry Stand

So i've really been needing another way to organize my jewelry. I saw this method of making one on YouTube and you all can look at plenty videos on there about it, But i thought since i made it i would just post about the process. So here you go!
Assortment of Plates (Plastic or Glass)
Wine Glasses (Plastic or Glass)
Bowls (Plastic or Glass)
Beads, Gems, Chains, and decorative stuff for the jewelry stand.
Glue Gun
Spray Paint

1st: Spray paint your Plates, Cups, Bowls to your liking and let them dry.
2nd: Decorate the cups by adding beads and jewels to the inside of the cups that you will be stacking your plates on. 
3rd: Put hot glue on the rim of the cup you added stuff in.

4th: Turn the bottom plate upside down and place the plate on top of the cup. Make sure it's centered. (Sorry I don't have a picture)
5th: Turn the plate with the cup upside down, and there is your first layer!
6th: Now place hot glue on the bottom on the glass.
7th: Place another smaller plate on the bottom of the cup.
8th: Add another cup.
9th: Add either a bowl, or a another plate to top it off, if you want. 
And You're done!! (With the structure at least)
You can add more layers if you want but i didn't want mine to be that big so i just stopped there.
Next up Decorating:
Now i won't go into detail with how i decorated it but i will say add something like a chain so you can stick your earrings in it. 
But yep! That's it! Decorate it however you feel you need to and you're all done! It's all about personalization to be honest.
 Enjoy your new Jewelry stand!


Which one do you like best? Let us know by commenting!! 

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