Well since it's a New Year...

Happy New Year and Merry Belated Christmas!

Okay, We know we've been slacking this year with our posts, but you can't blame us because we're working hard in school. BUT Curvy and I have come up with the idea to basically just start over!! Yes start, over! We're going to be changing things up a bit. We're going to post almost everyday about our life and what's going on. We are still going to be doing tutorials and such things, but we're going to be more involved. It'll be an on-the-go blog basically. We did a bad job at showing how our fashion/make-up techniques changed in 2012. So, this year will be different. We've deleted everything unimportant and we're just starting fresh. We hope you love the NEW Curvy and Curveless!
                                                                                           -Curvy and Curveless

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