Male & Female Body Types: Guidelines (TT)

It is important to know your body types as well as what looks flattering on your figure, Curveless and I wanted to bring you the full get down so you will know what you are and learn to be comfortable with yourself—if you are not already.
Curveless and I have very different body types but we still manage to dress accordingly.
Curvy’s Body Type: Purple and a hint of Green
Curveless’ Body Type: Orange and Blue
No body type is bad. I appreciate my figure; however, I’m sure everyone has that one thing they wish was different. But we have to learn to work with it! With that being said we have broken down each body type to show you!

Pinks: Your body type is a Diamond. This means your midsection is wide. Wear clothing that will get the focus away from your waist and make your shoulders look wider. Focus on tops with wide necklines, tight under breasts, and flows over your stomach. Wear pants that have wide legs. Focus on clothes that draw they eye up; not down.
Red: Your body type is Triangle. This means your lower half is not balanced with your upper body. Usually, people with this body type have short legs. I suggest wearing pumps to make your legs appear longer. You should wear pants that are NOT high waisted to avoid looking "chunky". I would not suggest wearing low necklines.
Orange: Your body type is Rectangle. This means you have a straight edge to your body. With this body type, it is extremely important to wear things that give your that feminine touch; if not, you could look manly. I highly suggest wearing A-Line skirts and tulip skirts. I suggest round necklines and puffy skirts.
Yellows: You are an Apple. This means your midsection is round and your top and bottom are not flat. Find tops that create a defined waste. This will give your top more dimension. You can do tops with wraps, belts, or anything creating an emphasis on waist. For bottoms it's better to wear fuller pants, skinnies will look good but not as good as wide legged jeans. Go for embellishments on your bottoms they will make your bottom half POP. Tiered and bubble skirts are key to your shape.
Purples: This mean you are balanced; like an hourglass. Find tops with narrow v-necks and tops nipping and the waist to show off you curvy waist. Dark tops and tailored are the best for you. For bottoms choose a nice embellished pocket. Boot cut and slightly flared jeans are the best! A line shirts are what hot with you.
Blues: You body type is an Inverted Triangle. This means your upper body is not bigger than your lower body. What you want to do is define your waist. Like oval and hour-glass find something that has a nip at the waste to give your top more dimension. Straight legs are better because they can balance out your top half. Skirts that hit your knee's are perfect for you. Choose a skirt that can add extra volume to your bottom area. It makes it seem fuller.
Greens: You are a Rounded Hourglass. This means your upper body and lower body is balanced, but your edges are round. Wide necklines are your best friend. They create equality with your bottom half.Look for details at the neck such as ties or buttons. No tight shirts but not too loose as well. Get a shirt that fits you perfectly. Skirts and trousers that fit just below the waistline are for you. No tight skirts or pants for you either.Slight cut a-lines are best.
Click here for more information about these body types.

MALES: We didn’t leave you out!

Key Notes for MEN:
If you have a large tummy, avoid tucked in shirts. This can draw the eye down when it should be up.
If you have body type D, you have a common body type. You can wear virtually anything.
If you have body type B, wear straight or wide leg pants and fitted shirts and jackets.
If you have body type C, wear things to emphasize your shoulders. You want to create a body type D.
If you have body type A, wear jackets with padded shoulders to look balanced.
If you have body type E, you want to create a longer torso. Wear things that make you look slim.
This information was gathered from here. Visit there for more information.

I hope this was helpful! Don't forget the to read about the Song of the Week(SOTW) interview with Prototype! Thanks for reading!
                                                                 -Curvy and Curveless 

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