DIY: How to Fringe a Shirt.

I love snipping a cutting shirts so i thought. Why not show you guys how to do it, If you don't already know. :) It's really simple to do. You don't have to just fringe the bottom you could also fringe the sleeves or maybe even the collar. I will also post a picture of the bottom fringe with no sleeves. I hope you enjoy this easy DIY. 
Light colored washable marker

1. Get all of your materials and lay your shirt out flat.

2.Measure 4 inches from the bottom of your shirt. Use your marker to mark it. Do the same for the other side and then connect the lines with a horizontal line.

3.Measure 1 inch vertical line from the bottom of the shirt to marked line. Keep drawing them until you reach the end.

4. Cut the vertical lines. Make sure you cut the back piece as well. It saves time.

5. You could keep the shirt like this or you could knot it. When you knot the shirt you make a loop at the top and pull the bottom peice into the loop. Pull. Make sure you knot is where you want it, it could be in the middle, top, bottom, or both. 

It's a really simple thing to do to shirts that spices them up. If you have noticeable marks on your shirt just throw it in the washing machine and it should come right off. I LOVE fringing and i do it to as many shirts as i can. :)


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  1. I love this DIY!!! so easy and great for summer!! thanks for sharing!!

    Love K