How to: Dress a body chain.

Well i recently added a new item to my accessories collection, a sick body chain. I've never seen one like this one so i had to have it. I got it from a little accessory boutique called Body Candy. It's super heavy and since it is a chain it easily gets tangled but other then that it's a great piece of jewelry. So here is what i would wear with my new body chain. You can accommodate any piece of clothing with it. You don't have to have exactly what i'm wearing.

Outfit #1 Little Black Dress, Big bold chain.

With this outfit i kept the clothing very simple and the accessories very bold. Since the chain is already a lot, i thought to go with the black dress. The black dress allows the chain to stand out from the look. You can pair this with a colored jacket, here the jacket is a suede like material and it contrast with the texture of the dress. The jacket will work on cooler summer nights. With the shoes i chose two pair, black MK's with silver detail and some simple black oxfords. I chose two pair because you could dress this outfit up or down. I have some simple studded clip-on earrings, and a cheap rhinestoned bracelet and a simple black statement ring.

Chain: $28 BODY CANDY
Dress: $12 DOTS
Shoes: MK $61 DILLARDS
           Oxfords $14 UO
Bracelet: $8 DOTS

Outfit #2 Who wears short shorts?

With this outfit i matched the body chain with sailor styled high wasted shorts, with silver buttons and zipper. Along with it i paired it with a grey and a white tank. The white tank has tool roses detailed by the collar but you can't see it on camera. Okay, with the shoes i don't really have a large variety of shoes but i paired it with the black oxfords and some silver oxfords. I didn't know which ones to choose so i chose both pair. And the earrings i chose were small grey circular earrings.

Grey Tank: $3.50 LOVE CULTURE
White Tank: $19.95 MACY'S
Shorts: $18.90 LOVE CULTURE
Silver Oxfords: $14 URBANOG.COM
Earrings: $.99 BEAUTY SUPPLY.

Outfit #3 Simple is the way to go!

For the 3rd outfit i put on a pink see through, cut-out tank with some skinnies and a black bandeau underneath. Number one rule with this chain is to keep your outfit SIMPLE. I paired it with the same oxfords and a pair of circular statement clip-on earrings. and WOALAH! That's all.
Tank: $12 DOTS
Jeans: $18 MACY'S
Earrings: $.99 BEAUTY SUPPLY

Outfit #4 Sporting with my chain.

For this final outfit I have on the same jeans from outfit 3 and a graphic tee. On one outfit i paired it with a jean jacket and the other outfit with a leather vest. I chose to wear my only pair of Jordans, a DIY bracelet, a Kid Cudi bracelet, and some silver wrapped hoop earrings. 

Shirt: $20.10 HOT TOPIC
Vest: Unknown Price FOREVER 21
Shoes: $59.99 (Sale) HIBBET SPORTS
Bracelets: Jean DIY
                Kid Cudi $7
Earrings: Free GIFT.

Well that's all I have so far. I will definitely be wearing this chain out and i will find more outfits to wear with it. I wish i had a larger collection of shoes but until i get more, bare with the same beat-down shoes. Don't mind the busy backgrounds, my walls are in preparation for being painted so my backgrounds are kind of ugly, but anyways, I hope you enjoyed and try to put your own spin on my outfits.


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