DIY: Kim Kardashian Inspired Head Chain

This is my take on her beautiful head chain. Enjoy it!

2 Barrette Clips or Hair Combs
Split Rings and/or Jump Rings
*OPTIONAL Necklace Fasteners

1. Measure out how much chain you want and cut it with your pliers. If your pliers don't cut chain then you could possibly use some good scissors
2. Once you cut the first chain measure the second about 1-2 inches less than the first chain and cut it. Then do the same for the last chain. Cut it 1-2 inches less than the second chain.

3.Connect your jump rings to your two longest chains. Connect them at both ends.

4.Then connect the necklaces fasteners to those jump rings. I did this because i want to be able to take these last two chains off and possibly turn them into a necklace.
5. With the last chain i added the large split rings to both ends.

6.attach the large chain to the Barrette clip (or Hair Combs) through the slot in the middle. Then repeat with the second to largest one. Repeat with the other side of the chain.
7. Lastly, Attach the last chain with split ring to the barrette clip (or Hair Combs). Repeat with the other side of the chains

And You're all done. I was going to add some pearls to the chains but i didn't really like it. but feel free to personalize yours the way you want! ;)

Have a nice day ChiChi's and ChoCho's

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