From Black Jeans to Salmon Shorts

Hey, guys! I have been so busy lately. I'm on summer vacation! So I have been doing a lot of crafts in between and this is just a small DIY I did. I had some black jeans that I no longer wore so I cut them, shredded them(I will be doing a tutorial on this), bleached them, and distressed them! Originally I thought they were going to come out khaki. But....no! I'm okay with that! I LOVE this color. I used this cutting method. Instead of dying them in a large bowl like this, I used the spray bottle method all over. I didn't want it to be all one color. I wanted some areas darker than other areas!
For the distressing on the side, I used the tweezers method. I will include this in the Shredding Tutorial. 

                                                See Ya Next Time! 8}


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