DIY: Shorts out of Jeans. Part 1 of the Summer Jeans, Jeans, Jeans series.


So, I've been seeing cut off shorts EVERYWHERE on the internet and I really like them but i refuse to pay top dollar for them so why not make them in the "Summer Jeans, Jeans, Jeans" series?!

High waste jeans (Or low rise. It all depends on you)
Washable Marker
Thread and Needle *Optional

So let's start!

1. First try on your jeans and see where you want them to stop. I want mine to stop about 3 in below the groin area. Then mark where you stopped with your marker. 

2. Take off the pants and make a straight line horizontal from where you marked it.

3. depending on which way your pants fold, fold them one time and cut following that line. (Now you officially have shorts!!)

4. Next put the shorts back on and fold them to where you want them folded.  (If you want to fold them, its up to you)

Take them off still folded. Since i folded mine twice i will unfold it once in order to stitch it. You can stitch it when its folded twice, it's all up to you! Then take your needle and what ever color thread you want and begin to do a up and over stitch at the top of the folded area. (Using a sewing machine will reduce a lot of time) Knot it off and  fold the shorts back to where they were and you're all done!! Throw them in the washer just to get the marker off and you have a new pair of shorts!!


Here's ways to distress your new shorts. A simple way and a more complicated way.

Simple way(shorter)

Take your scissors and cut a straight line through your material.
Take some tongs and pull hard on one side of the slit. When the strands start coming out, that means you're doing the right thing.
repeat on the other side.

Advanced way (Longer)

Take a needle and pick a thread from the fabric. YOU HAVE TO PICK THE SAME COLOR FABRICS IN ORDER FOR IT TO LOOK GOOD.
Keep picking the threads until you're satisfied with how big the patch it.

Well that's it for now! Come back tomorrow to see how to bleach your new jean shorts!

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