Style Profile of: Alexus

 Meet Alexus! Our 2nd Curvy Gal!
Her style is super cute!

1. Who are your style icons?
I don't really have any style icons but one I would say is Rihanna.
2. What do you look for when you buy clothes?  
When I buy clothes I look for something that I know I could change up multiple times to create something totally new. (And I also try to find something I know not many people have)
3. What are your favorite things to wear? Why?
I love wearing Fedoras! , Because it could "nothing" outfit into "something"
4. Where do you like to shop?  
Hands down I LOVE thrift stores. Especially Good Will and The Salvation Amy, but every now and then I go to H&M to a few things.
5. Describe your style.
My style.... My style is bold and out there. I don't dress like other people do, I love being different. One day I could be 90s then the next I could be 50s and the next who knows what! I never like to keep anything the same to where you could predict what I’m going to wear the next day; I'm just forever changing and evolving my style. But I like to keep my style ranging from 20s - 90s influence.
6. What trends do you love at the moment?
The trends like at the moment are the whole retro / vintage movement. I feel as though I relate to this more than I do other trends.
7. How can TCATC Readers learn more about you? Twitter? Tumblr?
To learn more about me they could follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @TheyLoveAlex and also follow me on Tumblr: http://glassesxgoldchains.tumblr.com/ 

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