Prom Dresses 101

This prom season is about going all out. In this post I will be giving tips on how to find the PERFECT prom dress for your body type, while sharing this seasons prom trends. We don't need anything spilling out or any dress malfunctions this year, so lets get started.

Body Type: Petite

If you're petite then you want to make yourself seem taller and a short dress can do that for you!

Being that this dress is short automatically gives your legs a boost and makes you seem taller.
Also look for dresses with an asymmetrical hem. They can add a quirk to your Prom look.

PROM TREND ALERT: Mirror beading.

Mirror beading is hot this season. When the lights hit off those babies you'll be a partying disco ball.

Body Type : Tall and Slender

If you're tall and slender you don't want to look like a stick prom night, you would want to have curves or at least look like it. Look for dresses that are pinched at the waist and that are longer in order to keep your height.
view-extra1 FrontView
The purple dress is a great way of showing off your height while the black dress gives you curves with its pinched waist.

PROM TREND ALERT: Cut-out dresses

Cut-out dresses are H-O-T HOT! They give you that pop of sexy you need for prom. Cut-out designs can be worn with almost every body type. Just don't over board with the cuts. We don't need to see too much skin... It's still a school event.

Body Type: Busty

Now for us busty ladies, we have to make sure our girls stay in all night. Since we are top heavy we need dresses that hold the girls down but that don't make them look even bigger.
FrontView FrontView
Busty girls should go for sleeves and straps. They will do you good! While going strapless is nice and sexy it can be dangerous for busty girls. We don't want any malfunctions!

PROM TREND ALERT: Bold designs

Bold designs have taken over the prom dress world. Bold designs can vary from over the top beading to animal print. I say be careful when dealing with these bold prints and patterns. Curvy and Petite girls can easily be swallowed up the print or the pattern.  But beading can you no wrong!

Body Type: Curvy and Full-Figured

Curvy ladies! Lets extenuate those curves! Curvy ladies usually have a little of everything, butt, bust, and tummy. Why not make them look good with a dress like this.

These dresses are perfect for curvy or full figured girls. The first dress keeps the girls in and also extenuates  your butt and hips. While the second dress keeps the girls in and makes your tummy area smaller.

PROM TREND ALERT: Intricate beading

Intricate beading adds that touch of elegance to your prom outfit. It can lead to making your prom dress a bit expensive, but hey, If you want you'll try your hardest to get it right?

Body Type: Hour-glass

The hour class shape can go hand and hand with the curvy body type but I wanted to show more dresses which helped extenuate those hips and bust even more.
Hour-glassed shaped girls want to extenuate their curves, but not make them look like boxes so dresses that pinch at the bust and are form fitting can do them great justice. Also sweetheart necklines look great on them too!

PROM TREND ALERT: Geometric designs.

Geometric designs are by far my favorite trend this prom season, especially geometric cut-outs like in the first dress. Also geometric designs can include geometric patterns like in the second dress. This trend can look fantastic on all tall and slender girls as well as the hour-glass shape too.

Well that's it! That's just some tips on what to look for when shopping for your perfect prom dress. Make sure to keep your prom dress PG13! Not too revealing! BUT you don't have to go by my rules, when finding a prom dress. Find the prom dress YOU love and feel comfortable in. And you don't have to spend a lot of money on your perfect dress either. There are plenty inexpensive dresses out there. Be patient on your search. And go to shops to try dresses on, the internet is not always reliable when it comes to sizes. But yeah, Happy shopping and searching! Good Luck Chi-Chi's!


Disclaimer None of these dresses are made by Curvy and Curveless. These are just examples.

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  1. Thank you! I'm a utter prom novice and your tips totally helped get me started!