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For the next 3 weeks, Curveless and I will be bringing you Style Profiles of some of our friends that are Curvy and Curveless(no offense). We asked 6 girls, 3 curvy, 3 curveless, to submit photos of their favorite outfits and favorite accessories. We asked them to answer some questions, too. So to kick off this chain of events is Ismael. He is one of our buds and I LOVE his style! Yes, he is not a girl, but I just had to include him. Below you shall see why.

Meet Ismael! He's so adorable! Lol
1. Who are your style icons?
I would have to say my style icons are: Bobby hicks from thisfellow.com; Andreas Wijk, 19-year-old singer from Sweden; Peter Adrian from mydogbear.tumblr.com; and KanyeWest.
2. What do you look for when you buy clothes?
When looking for clothes, I look for pieces that reflect my sense of style and personality. I also look for pieces that allow me to be stylish - without having to sacrifice my comfort. Also, I look for clothing that compliments my body structure. For example: since I’m short, I tend to stay away from clothes that are baggy and lean for fitted clothing that help accentuate my body’s lines that give the illusion of added height.
3. What are your favorite things to wear? Why?
Some of my favorite things to wear are: khakis- as they pretty much look good with any clothing piece I have; blazers – because a really nice, fitted blazer can make anyone look nice and are extremely versatile; and beanies – as I use them to complete my outfits to give it a edgy look, and when I’m having a bad hair day, or just don’tjust feel like doing my hair, I can just throw it on and call it a day.
4. Where do you like to shop?I like to shop at stores like Forever 21, Pacsun, American Apparel, and H&M.  Before heading to those stores though – I actually head to my local thrift store and find what I can, so I don’t have to pay retail price. I’m always surprised at the neat things I can find, most of time for less than ten dollars.
5.  What trends do you love at the moment?Trends that I currently love at the moment are the clean, preppy, draper looks such as wearing vests, formal velvet jackets, or blazers mixed up with denim or cords.
6. Describe you style.
I would say I have a preppy-urban style.
7. How can TCATC Readers learn more about you?Twitter? Tumblr?TCATC Readers can learn more about me by stopping by my Lookbook at lookbook.nu/ismyelle .They can follow me on Twitter: @Ismyelle and Tumblr: brokenvirtues.tumblr.com

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