Style Profile of: Taren

Meet Taren! Our 1st Curveless Profile!

Taren dresses for her body. She may not be curvy but she sure is versatile and fashionable!

1.  Who are your style icons? I don't really have any style icons. If someone has an outfit or a style that I admire, it inspires me to find an outfit like that
2. What do you look for when you buy clothes?  When I go out to buy clothes, I look for something simple but cute. I like different things but no so different that I get the O.o look when I step out the house lol. Most importantly something comfortable because I'm always moving
3.  What are your favorite things to wear? Why? My favorite things to wear are a simple t-shirt and jeans with some unique jewelry. It's comfortable and an everyday look that can't be ruined.
4.   Where do you like to shop? My favorite places to shop will have to be Rainbow, Goodwill, and any thrift store. However, if I'm driving around in the car and I see a GORGEOUS outfit in the window, I will immediately stop in there and buy me a little something. :)
5. What trends do you love at the moment? The trends I love the most is the Patriotic Trend. I love seeing all the jackets, shirts, pants, etc. I really want a jacket!!!
6.  Describe your style. think the best description of my style is Kickback - N - Laid Out. Simple things are my goal but every now and then I'll go out with a bang. :D I personally think I have my own sense of style. I just dress up.
7.  How can TCATC Readers learn more about you? Twitter? Tumblr? TCATC followers can follow me on twitter @FairlyOddRenn or follow me on tigersbearsandpuppies.tumblr.com :D

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