Style Profile of: Toni

So let's get started. Here is Toni's Style Profile.

Meet Toni! Our 1st Curvy Profile!

Toni has amazing style and knows how to work her curves!

1. Who are your style icons?
I really don't have a specific person who's style captures my attention. My style is very original & all me.
2. What do you look for when you buy clothes?
With me, it depends, being by I'm not the girliest girl to know. I'm an unexpected shopper, meaning when I go shopping, It's at unexpected moments, so I never know what I'm going to buy.
3. What are your favorite things to wear? Why?
I love wearing V-Necks, off-the-shoulder shirts, button down shirts, shorts & jeans. They all tie into to my personality, so to speak.
4. Where do you like to shop?
Forever 21, Hollister, H&M. When I go to New York, I shop in the SoHo (Lower Manhattan) & NoHo (Upper Manhattan) area.
5. What trends do you love at the moment?
The daisy duke shorts, wedges, cargo pants, fitted skirts (not too short), sundresses and shoulder bags.
6. Describe your style.
My style makes me unique because I don't have just one specific style. It's very laidback. One day, I'll rock cargo pants & a white v-neck. The next day, it's something totally different like a sundress. I keep it classy with a tomboy sort of edge.
7. How can TCATC Readers learn more about you?Twitter? Tumblr?
Twitter: @_AyoTriggs (mention me so I'll follow back). Instagram: _IllegalWeapon (I post a lot of outfits on there). And my Tumblr: bombayindianganja.tumblr.com.

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