DIY: Revamp Your Old Messed Up Desk.

So, I've been needing to cover my desk because it has bubbles and the paint is chipping, and it's just a hot mess so this is how i covered my desk.
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric of choice ( I used Lace and a White Fabric)

1st: Lay your fabric on the desk and cut the fabric with a extra 2-3 in. on all sides.

2nd: Center the fabric and glue the fabric on the edges of the desk with the glue gun. You may need to glue it and tape it down because gravity may not let it hold.

3rd: Repeat on all sides.

4th: The edges should be sticking out so fold them and glue them back.
You're finished! I used the white fabric and then covered it with lace. I left the front of the lace fabric hanging because it had a decorative end but i glued every other side down.

(Excuse my dirty room)
But that's it, You're all done! Now you have a brand new desk! 

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